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You have taken your first step to a more natural effective way to address erectile dysfunction. The Elator Pleasure Pack provides men with weak or no erections, the opportunity to enjoy intercourse fully. Sold by urologists for years, the Elator Pleasure Pack is now available without first having to visit a doctor. It's a fully natural ED treatment and is a safe and effective choice amongst natural erectile dysfunction treatments.

Research by a leading Erectile Dysfunction medical clinic indicates that ED medications cannot be used by, or do not work for, 50% of men with this condition. Alternately, anyone can use the Elator Pleasure Pack with no side effects and it is as easy to use as a condom. Erectile medications or supplements are not prerequisites for using the Elator Pleasure Pack. Click here to read some great testimonials from past clients who have successfully addressed their ED and changed their lives in a positive way.

The Elator Pleasure Pack attaches behind the head of the penis with two small and smooth shafts connecting to a base ring on the back of the penis. This flexible device provides comfortable external penile support while gently adding rigidity to the penis, in order to facilitate intercourse. The desired results are immediate, including full sensation and pleasure for both partners.

The Elator Pleasure Pack is constructed with FDA approved 100% medical grade silicone. Made and Manufactured in the USA. It is available in two styles - "Smooth" and "Tickler".

Available in 3 size ranges: Average (4.5"-5.5"), Above Average (6"-7.5"), and Large (8" +)

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Don't settle for potentially dangerous medications and their side effects - with no guarantee of success.  The Elator Pleasure Pack is a great choice for men searching for extremely safe and natural erectile dysfunction cures and treatments here in Canada - change your life for the better starting right now, order today!

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